Family Portrait Planning


What to Wear: Family Portrait Sessions


For many families, having professional family portraits taken is not something that happens every day…or year.  We want you to treat your session as a special event. Make sure you allow yourself the time to plan either before or after scheduling your appointment with us.

Finding a date and time that works best for each member of your family is your first step. Next, think about where you would like your session to take place. Our studio offers both indoor & outdoor portraiture options. We have the largest outdoor studio facility in Tucson, offering our clients 10-acres of natural backdrops for their portrait session. Although we believe our studio has it all, we also understand some families’ desire to have a different location. That is why we also offer on-location sittings.  Examples of popular on-location spots are: Downtown Tucson, Agua Caliente Park, or your home.

At Silhouette Photography, when we shoot a family portrait session our end goal is your wall. Before your session, think about where you plan to put or hang the portraits in your home. What size photograph will look best? What colors are in that room? What friends and family do you plan to give photographs to?

What to Wear

Now that you have scheduled your appointment with us, next is deciding what to wear. When planning for your family portraits coordination is very important. We personally think medium to dark solid colors look the best on all skin tones and shapes. We recommend avoiding white or light colors; reason being that these lighter tones have a tendency to wash out even darker skin tones. It also draws attention away from your face. Many families choose to dress the same from head-to-toe. When looking at your finished portrait, this allows your eye to go to everyone’s face, rather than the different patterns and colors of your clothing. We want you and your family to be the focus of your portraits not what you are wearing.

However, there may be many different personalities in your family and the same look may not express each member’s individuality and style. If this is the case, what we recommend is to coordinate and share the same color palette and carry it throughout everyone’s clothing and accessories. When coordinating colors, we recommend choosing 1 strong color, and 1 or 2 complimentary neutrals (ex: red with black and gray or teal with light and dark browns). It is important to not go too overboard with colors. We suggest choosing 2-3 colors at most. Also, if you have natural pairs in the family (i.e. mom and dad, brothers and sisters, mom and baby) make sure to break up the colors, as you will stand next to each other.

Lastly, layers and accessories will add texture and dimension to the portraits helping to add richness and detail. It is incredibly warm in southern Arizona so consider necklaces, earrings, headbands, ties, vests and hats, as well as seasonal scarves, cardigans and sweaters.