Senior Portrait Planning


What to Wear: Senior Portrait Sessions

Solid colors in medium to dark tones photograph the best. Solid vibrant colors are also an excellent option for outdoor portraits. Stay away from the color white and pale tones. Avoid large prints or busy patterns as they will distract from your face in your portraits.

For multiple outfits, vary your style, color, and dress level. All one look can become boring. Remember that styles come and go. We suggest you avoid clothing that displays trendy slogans and concepts to avoid dating your portraits.

Also, remember to iron your clothes. Wrinkles will appear in your photos! Bring your outfits in on hangers to avoid this.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, bring extra outfits and we will help you decide.


Avoid bare arms whenever possible. They tend to make arms look larger than they are. Instead opt for long-sleeve shirts or blouses rather than short-sleeves. Feel free to wear jackets or cardigans with tank tops or sleeveless shirts or dresses.

Apply make-up slightly heavier than normal. Under eye and blemish concealer, mascara, blush, and lip color will greatly enhance your portraits. Make sure to use a fresh tube of mascara (eyelashes will show in close-ups). If you do not normally wear make-up and need some extra help, call the studio in advance for more tips and suggestions. Fingernails and toenails WILL show so make sure that they are manicured. You must have your hair and make-up completed when you arrive.


Shirts with collars are highly recommended. Dress your best in a suit, sport coat, polo or shirt and tie. Make sure you are clean shaven. Remember, if you see stubble in the mirror, it will show in your portraits. Get your haircut about a week prior to your appointment. Do not forget to style your hair with a bit of gel or spray.  

What to bring

Bring personal accessories for your outfits, such as jewelry, hats, scarves, friends, your Class Ring, etc.

You should also bring props that define who you are. Sports gear and uniforms, musical instruments, skateboards, snowboards, dirt bikes, cars and activity wear like dance leotards & shoes are some suggestions.

Please limit the number of people who accompany you to your portrait session to no more than 2 people per client. Studio space is limited and can become quite full and busy closer to yearbook deadlines.

Yearbook Photography

For your yearbook portrait, we highly recommend that you “Dress your Best.” Formal attire is strongly encouraged. Most guys wear a dress shirt and tie or a nice collared dress shirt. For girls, a simple dress, sweater or blouse with pleasing neckline and accompanying jewelry are most popular. Girls should avoid low necklines, tank tops, spaghetti straps and tube tops. Remember, for the yearbook, portraits are cropped close; you want to have something covering your shoulders in your portrait.

T-shirts with any writing or images on the front are not advised.

Yearbook photographs are the traditional head and shoulder length. Therefore, you do not need to worry about pants or shoes.


If you wear glasses most of the time, you may still want to remove them in your portraits. Glass glare is costly to remove. To eliminate glare and reflections, arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames or have the lenses removed from your own pair. Please contact your optician early to avoid rescheduling of your portrait appointment. If you have anti-reflective coating, this does not apply to you.


Silhouette Photography is happy to photograph you with your pet, be it dog, cat or horse! However, pets are NOT ALLOWED inside the studio, and must be photographed outside (outdoor portrait session required). Please arrange to have someone take your pet home while you finish your portrait session. There is an additional pet fee that applies depending on the type of pet you have.